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The X-ray structure of Aspergillus aculeatus polygalacturonase and a modeled structure of the polygalacturonase-octagalacturonate complex.
The complex model provides a clear explanation for the functions, either in catalysis or in substrate binding, of all conserved amino acid residues in the polygalacturonase family of proteins.
Two soluble forms of glutamate dehydrogenase isoproteins from bovine brain.
Results indicate that GDH I and GDH II, isolated from bovine brain, are novel and distinct polypeptides.
Cassette mutagenesis of lysine 130 of human glutamate dehydrogenase. An essential residue in catalysis.
The mutant enzymes containing Glu, Gly, Met, Ser, or Tyr at position 130, as well as the wild-type human GDH encoded by the synthetic gene, were efficiently expressed as a soluble protein and are indistinguishable from that isolated from human and bovine tissues.
Inactivation of G1ucose‐6‐Phosphate Dehydrogenase Isozymes from Human and Pig Brain by Aluminum
  • S. Cho, J. Joshi
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Journal of neurochemistry
  • 1 August 1989
Inhibition of G6PD by low levels of aluminum further strengthens the suggested role of aluminum toxicity in the energy metabolism of the brain.
Parathyroid hormone-related protein drives a CD11b+Gr1+ cell-mediated positive feedback loop to support prostate cancer growth.
Results showed that prostate cancer-derived PTHrP acts in the bone marrow to potentiate CD11b(+)Gr1(+) cells, which are recruited to tumor tissue where they contribute to tumor angiogenesis and growth.
Replacement set mutagenesis of the four phosphate-binding arginine residues of thymidylate synthase.
Kinetic parameters for all R179 mutations except R179P were not significantly different from wild-type values, reflecting the fact that this external arginine does not directly contact the cofactor or other ligand-binding residues.
Isolation and identification of succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase inhibitory compound from the rhizome of Gastrodia elata Blume.
It is postulated that the gastrodin is able to elevate the neurotransmitter GABA levels in central nervous system by inhibitory action on one of the GABA degradative enzymes, SSADH.