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Assessment of non-biting synanthropic flies associated with fresh markets
This study was conducted to assess the composition of non-biting synanthropic flies in different fresh markets. To achieve this goal, four fresh markets – Pasar Borong, Pasar Seri Kembangan, PasarExpand
Evaluation of a Recombinant Newcastle Disease Virus Expressing Human IL12 against Human Breast Cancer
The Newcastle disease virus (NDV) strain AF2240 is an avian avulavirus that has been demonstrated to possess oncolytic activity against cancer cells. However, to illicit a greater anti-cancer immuneExpand
Oncolytic Group B Adenovirus Enadenotucirev Mediates Non-apoptotic Cell Death with Membrane Disruption and Release of Inflammatory Mediators
Enadenotucirev (EnAd) is a chimeric group B adenovirus isolated by bioselection from a library of adenovirus serotypes. It replicates selectively in and kills a diverse range of carcinoma cells,Expand
Turning cold tumours hot: oncolytic virotherapy gets up close and personal with other therapeutics at the 11th Oncolytic Virus Conference
The 11th International Oncolytic Virus Conference (IOVC) was held from April 9–12, 2018 in Oxford, UK. This is part of the high-profile academic-led series of meetings that was started back in 2002Expand
Structural analysis of peptides that interact with Newcastle disease virus
A peptide with the sequence CTLTTKLYC has previously been identified to inhibit the propagation of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) in embryonated chicken eggs and tissue culture. NDV has beenExpand
Viral persistence in colorectal cancer cells infected by Newcastle disease virus
BackgroundNewcastle disease virus (NDV), a single-stranded RNA virus of the family Paramyxoviridae, is a candidate virotherapy agent in cancer treatment. Promising responses were observed in clinicalExpand
Group B adenovirus enadenotucirev infects polarised colorectal cancer cells efficiently from the basolateral surface expected to be encountered during intravenous delivery to treat disseminated
Enadenotucirev (EnAd) is a group B oncolytic adenovirus developed for systemic delivery and currently undergoing clinical evaluation for advanced cancer therapy. For differentiated carcinomas,Expand
Newcastle disease virus strain AF2240 as an oncolytic virus: A review.
The discovery of tumour selective virus-mediated apoptosis marked the birth of an alternative cancer treatment in the form of oncolytic viruses. Even though, its oncolytic efficiency was demonstratedExpand
Surface display of glycosylated Tyrosinase related protein-2 (TRP-2) tumour antigen on Lactococcus lactis
BackgroundThe exploitation of the surface display system of food and commensal lactic acid bacteria (LAB) for bacterial, viral, or protozoan antigen delivery has received strong interest recently.Expand