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Intracranial periventricular supratentorial intraparenchymal schwannoma
Background: Intraparenchymal schwannomas in the central nervous system are very rare. Because most of these are benign, complete excision is the treatment of choice. Further, their radiologicalExpand
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Late onset leptomeningeal and whole spine metastasis from supratentorial Glioblastoma multiforme: An uncommon manifestation of a common tumor
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is one of the most common and aggressive primary brain tumors, composing 12-20% of all the intracranial tumors in adults with a highly malignant course and average lifeExpand
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Transdural herniated lumbar disc disease with muscle patch for closure of durotomy - A Brief review of literature.
PURPOSE Intradural migration of disc (IDMD) is a rare clinical entity accounting for 0.27-0.33% of all herniated disc diseases. Flimsy or dense adhesion between the ventral dural surface and theExpand
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A unique case of concomitant intra and extracranial Hansen’s disease
Leprosy is a debilitating disease that usually involves the peripheral branches of the cranial nerves leading to anesthetic/hypoesthetic skin lesions and thickened peripheral nerves. However, theExpand
How I do it? Endoscopic discectomy using a new trocar “Endospine Plus” for lumbar prolapsed intervertebral disc
Endoscopic spine surgery is a promising minimally invasive technique and use of trocars like Metrx (Neurosurgery 51(5):S129–36, 2002), Destandau (Neurol Res 21:39–42, 1999), and Easy go (ActaExpand
Abstract A32: Clinical significance of liquid biopsy in glioblastoma patients through tissue analysis
Glioblastoma multiforme is the most fatal form of brain tumor, distinguished as an aggressive growth and assists annexing by cell relocation and mortification of extracellular matrix with averageExpand