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A Conspiracy of Fishes, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying About #GamerGate and Embrace Hegemonic Masculinity
Recently, the margins between gaming and feminism have become increasingly contentious (Salter & Blodgett, 2012). This article addresses a cultural moment where masculine gaming culture became awareExpand
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A 36-24-36 Cerebrum: Productivity, Gender, and Video Game Advertising
Recently, video games have been advertised to broader audiences including women. If advertising can be seen as a cultural barometer, examining these changing advertising campaigns becomes a valuableExpand
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Attack of the 50-foot social justice warrior: the discursive construction of SJW memes as the monstrous feminine
Abstract This essay considers the origin and meaning of “social justice warrior” (SJW) memes. Despite each term within the phrase suggesting potentially positive connotations, we argue that asExpand
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Augmented regionalism: Ingress as geomediated gaming narrative
As new mobile and gaming technologies become increasingly ubiquitous, they encourage new modes of storytelling and engagement. This article focuses on the Google game Ingress, which combinesExpand
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A time for play: Interstitial time, Invest/Express games, and feminine leisure style
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  • 1 January 2018
Games such as FarmVille and other casuals played on social networks and mobile devices have recently become increasingly popular. Expand
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What Does a Gamer Look Like? Video Games, Advertising, and Diversity
Recent years have seen changes to the video game industry and the image of video game players. There are more games on the market and a larger variety of ways to play those games. Yet, despite marketExpand
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Going with the Flo
This essay analyzes the video games in the popular Diner Dash franchise, paying specific attention to the games' protagonist Flo. While on its surface, the series appears to be a number of simpleExpand
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License to play : women, productivity, and video games
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Ready Player Two: Women Gamers and Designed Identity
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