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Mutagenicity studies of benzidine and its analogs: structure-activity relationships.
The Ames Salmonella/microsome assay was employed to test the mutagenicity of benzidine and its analogs using strains TA98 and TA100 in the presence and absence of Aroclor 1254-induced rat S9 mix.Expand
Effects of tannic acid and its related compounds on food mutagens or hydrogen peroxide-induced DNA strands breaks in human lymphocytes.
The effect of tannic acid (TA), gallic acid (GA), propyl gallate (PA) and ellagic acid (EA) on DNA damage in human lymphocytes induced by food mutagens [3-amino-1-methyl-5H-pyrido (4,3-b) indoleExpand
Effects of Tb content on the microstructure and magnetic properties of Co 85- X Tb X Dy 15 films
Abstract The Co85−XTbXDy15 films (x=0 – 24 at %) were prepared at room temperature by DC magnetron sputtering. Transmission electron microscopy analysis indicated that all the films were amorphous.Expand
(2 0 0)-Texture and microstructure of MgO films by rf-magnetron sputtering in Ar plus N2 atmosphere
Abstract Intensity of the (2 0 0) peak in the X-ray diffraction pattern of the MgO film increases as N2 is added to Ar gas during MgO deposition. The optimum flow rate ratio of N2 to Ar in order toExpand