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Friedmann-Lemaitre Cosmologies via Roulettes and Other Analytic Methods
In this work a series of methods are developed for understanding the Friedmann equation when it is beyond the reach of the Chebyshev theorem. First it will be demonstrated that every solution of theExpand
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Explicit Integration of Friedmann's Equation with Nonlinear Equations of State
This paper is a continuation of our earlier study on the integrability of the Friedmann equations in the light of the Chebyshev theorem. Our main focus will be on a series of important, yet notExpand
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Friedmann's Equations in All Dimensions and Chebyshev's Theorem
This short but systematic work demonstrates a link between Chebyshev's theorem and the explicit integration in cosmological time $t$ and conformal time $\eta$ of the Friedmann equations in allExpand
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Search for pairs of scalar leptoquarks decaying into quarks and electrons or muons in √s = 13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector
© 2020, The Author(s). A search for new-physics resonances decaying into a lepton and a jet performed by the ATLAS experiment is presented. Scalar leptoquarks pair-produced in pp collisions at s = 13Expand
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A class of k-log-convex functions and their applications to some special functions
Abstract Let a and b be two real numbers and f be a positive and differentiable function on an interval I. The authors establish the i-log-convex or i-log-concave properties for i∈ℕ of the functionExpand
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A new upper bound in the second Kershaw's double inequality and its generalizations
In the paper, a new upper bound in the second Kershaw's double inequality involving ratio of gamma functions is established, and, as generalizations of the second Kershaw's double inequality, theExpand
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In this paper, we consider a generalized Riemann problem of the first order hyperbolic conservation laws. For the case that excludes the centered wave, we prove that the generalized Riemann problemExpand
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The Generalized Riemann Problem for First Order Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws II
In this paper, we are concerned with the existence and uniqueness of the local solution to the generalized Riemann problem for first order quasi-linear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in theExpand
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High energy sparkers and their acoustic efficiency
This paper describes the measured acoustic energy and acoustic efficiency of sparkers in the high energy range between 30 kJ and 300 kJ. The results indicate that acoustic efficiency increases asExpand
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Existence of finite-energy electroweak monopoles
Finite-energy electroweak monopoles have important physical applications in the phenomenology of electroweak interaction. In this paper, we establish the existence and uniqueness of such monopoles byExpand
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