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A key management scheme for wireless sensor networks using deployment knowledge
To achieve security in wireless sensor networks, it is important to he able to encrypt messages sent among sensor nodes. Keys for encryption purposes must he agreed upon by communicating nodes. DueExpand
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Distributed quality-of-service routing in ad hoc networks
In an ad hoc network, all communication is done over wireless media, typically by radio through the air, without the help of wired base stations. Since direct communication is allowed only betweenExpand
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A clustering technique for digital communications channel equalization using radial basis function networks
The application of a radial basis function network to digital communications channel equalization is examined. It is shown that the radial basis function network has an identical structure to theExpand
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An overview of quality of service routing for next-generation high-speed networks: problems and solutions
The upcoming gigabit-per-second high-speed networks are expected to support a wide range of communication-intensive real-time multimedia applications. The requirement for timely delivery of digitizedExpand
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On finding multi-constrained paths
New emerging distributed multimedia applications provide guaranteed end-to-end quality of service (QoS) and have stringent constraints on delay, delay-jitter, cost, etc. The task of QoS routing is toExpand
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Sizing of Energy Storage for Microgrids
This paper presents a new method based on the cost-benefit analysis for optimal sizing of an energy storage system in a microgrid (MG). The unit commitment problem with spinning reserve for MG isExpand
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Efficient Protocols for Identifying the Missing Tags in a Large RFID System
Compared to the classical barcode system, radio frequency identification (RFID) extends the operational distance from inches to a number of feet (passive RFID tags) or even hundreds of feet (activeExpand
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Spatially Common Sparsity Based Adaptive Channel Estimation and Feedback for FDD Massive MIMO
This paper proposes a spatially common sparsity based adaptive channel estimation and feedback scheme for frequency division duplex based massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems, which adaptsExpand
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Privacy-Preserving Multivariate Statistical Analysis: Linear Regression and Classification
Multivariate statistical analysis is an important data analysis technique that has found applications in various areas. In this paper, we study some multivariate statistical analysis methods inExpand
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Adaptive Bayesian equalizer with decision feedback
A Bayesian solution is derived for digital communication channel equalization with decision feedback. This is an extension of the maximum a posteriori probability symbol-decision equalizer to includeExpand
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