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Comparison Between Static and Dynamic Methods for Sorption Isotherm Measurements
Abstract Sorption isotherms of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), pharmaceutical granules, PolyEtherBlocAmide (PEBA) membrane and sewage sludges were measured at various temperatures using threeExpand
Drying of municipal sewage sludge: from a laboratory scale batch indirect dryer to the paddle dryer
Among available technologies, disk and paddle dryers are often encountered in France to process municipal sewage sludge but their thermal design is still a question of know how rather than scientificExpand
A Method for Determination of Porosity Change from Shrinkage Curves of Deformable Materials
Among the numerous models developed to predict the shrinkage of materials during drying, the model developed by Katekawa and Silva [1] gives a general relationship between shrinkage and porosity withExpand
Method for Thermal Design of Paddle Dryers: Application to Municipal Sewage Sludge
Abstract An experimental methodology was developed to improve the energy design of paddle dryers for sewage sludges. A laboratory batch dryer with a vertical agitator has been especially designed andExpand
Chemometrics as a tool for the analysis of evolved gas during the thermal treatment of sewage sludge using coupled TG–FTIR
The thermal decomposition of sewage sludge has been investigated using coupled TG–FTIR for long time experiment (10 h). The exploitation of the resulted data from FTIR is performed by theExpand