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A Study of Android Application Security
The fluidity of application markets complicate smartphone security. Although recent efforts have shed light on particular security issues, there remains little insight into broader securityExpand
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AI2: Safety and Robustness Certification of Neural Networks with Abstract Interpretation
We present AI2, the first sound and scalable analyzer for deep neural networks. Based on overapproximation, AI2 can automatically prove safety properties (e.g., robustness) of realistic neuralExpand
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Synthesizing data structure transformations from input-output examples
We present a method for example-guided synthesis of functional programs over recursive data structures. Given a set of input-output examples, our method synthesizes a program in a functional languageExpand
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Subcubic algorithms for recursive state machines
We show that the reachability problem for recursive state machines (or equivalently, pushdown systems), believed for long to have cubic worst-case complexity, can be solved in slightly subcubic time.Expand
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Component-based synthesis of table consolidation and transformation tasks from examples
This paper presents a novel component-based synthesis algorithm that marries the power of type-directed search with lightweight SMT-based deduction and partial evaluation. Given a set of componentsExpand
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Proving programs robust
We present a program analysis for verifying quantitative robustness properties of programs, stated generally as: "If the inputs of a program are perturbed by an arbitrary amount epsilon, then itsExpand
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A constraint-based approach to solving games on infinite graphs
We present a constraint-based approach to computing winning strategies in two-player graph games over the state space of infinite-state programs. Such games have numerous applications in programExpand
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Continuity analysis of programs
We present an analysis to automatically determine if a program represents a continuous function, or equivalently, if infinitesimal changes to its inputs can only cause infinitesimal changes to itsExpand
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Path-based inductive synthesis for program inversion
In this paper, we investigate the problem of semi-automated inversion of imperative programs, which has the potential to make it much easier and less error prone to write programs that naturally pairExpand
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A fixpoint calculus for local and global program flows
We define a new fixpoint modal logic, the visibly pushdown μ-calculus (VP-μ), as an extension of the modal μ-calculus. The models of this logic are execution trees of structured programs where theExpand
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