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Three new species of genus Corynespora.
Three new species of Corynespora viz." C. trematicola, C. solanii and C. viticola occurring on Trema orientalis (Ulmaceae), Solanum indicum (Solanaceae) and Cayratia carnosa (Vitaceae) have been
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The present work aims to discuss Patha in various Nighantus as manuscripts or just as evidence-in a chronological order.
Novel taxa of Stenella from forest flora of North-Eastern Uttar Pradesh
Four new species of the form genus Stenella are described and illustrated occurring on living leaves of Bischofia javanica, Brownea hybrida, Caryota urens and Millettia ovalifolia respectively in forest flora of orth-Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India.
Three new species of Stenella
Three new species Stenella lamiacearum, S. polyalthiae and S. rubiacearum occurring on living leaves of Teucrium sp., Polyalthia suberosa and Wendlandia tinctoria respectively are described.