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Distressing behaviour of schizophrenics at home
The care of mentally ill people at home is being encouraged nowadays. As a result, the family members feel an increased burden of care and find it difficult to cope with the care of a schizophrenicExpand
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Spawning Biology of Tor Mahseer Tor tor
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Concerns, coping and quality of life in head and neck cancer patients
This study was conducted to explore the concerns and coping mechanisms used by patients with head and neck cancer and assess their quality of life. A group of 50 consecutive patients with oral andExpand
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Prevalence and Nature of Spiritual Distress Among Palliative Care Patients in India
In palliative care research, little attention has been paid to the empirical study of spirituality in patients in non-Western countries. This study describes the prevalence and nature of spiritualExpand
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Communication with Relatives and Collusion in Palliative Care: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Handling collusion among patients and family members is one of the biggest challenges that palliative care professionals face across cultures. Communication with patients and relatives can be complexExpand
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Antidepressant medications in cancer patients
The patterns of psychotropic medications usage were analysed in 146 cancer patients consecutively referred to an urban psychiatric facility. Antidepressants were prescribed for 67%. Adverse drugExpand
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Recurrence of hallucinations in consecutive episodes of schizophrenia and affective disorder
48 patients with episodic psychosis (18 schizophrenia, 30 MDP) were studied to examine whether they had similar hallucinations in consecutive episodes. 34 cases reported hallucinations, 23 of whomExpand
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Cultural Aspects of Major Mental Disorders: A Critical Review from an Indian Perspective
Major mental disorders such as schizophrenia and affective disorders are highly disabling illnesses. The cultural factors that influence the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders are ofExpand
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Psychaesthenic syndrome related to leukorrhoea in Indian women
The belief that passage of ‘whitish discharge’ is associated with bodily complaints of weakness, tiredness, exhaustion, chronic pain is supposed to be widely prevalent among certain groups of women.Expand
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Conversion disorder revisited
Fifty four consecutive subjects diagnosed as Hysteria (300.1 according to ICD‐9), were taken up for study, to examine the usefulness and validity of Lazare's criteria and explore its clinical utilityExpand
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