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Niosome: A future of targeted drug delivery systems
The current deepening and widening of interest of niosomes in many scientific disciplines is reviewed and, particularly, its application in medicine is reviewed. Expand
Balhimycin, a new glycopeptide antibiotic produced by Amycolatopsis sp. Y-86,21022. Taxonomy, production, isolation and biological activity.
Balhimycin is marginally superior to vancomycin in its in vitro activity against anaerobes and in its bactericidal properties. Expand
Balhimycin, a new glycopeptide antibiotic with an unusual hydrated 3-amino-4-oxoaldopyranose sugar moiety
Balhimycin (1), C 66 H 73 Cl 2 N 9 O 24 , is a new glycopeptide antibiotic of the vancomycin class. It was isolated from the fermentation broth of an Amycolatopsis sp. Hoechst India LimitedExpand
Phencomycin, a new antibiotic from a Streptomyces species HIL Y-9031725.
Strain HIL Y-9031725 was isolated from a soil sample collected in India using the methods described by Shirling and Gottlieb and monitored by its antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus 209P. Expand
Antimicrobial activities of some antineoplastic and other withanolides
The antimicrobial activities of six withanolide compounds are compared and six new compounds are introduced into the literature that have shown the ability to inhibit the activity of these compounds. Expand
Palladium-catalyzed acylation of organozincs and other organometallics as a convenient route to ketones☆
Abstract The reaction of organozincs with acyl chlorides catalyzed by palladium-phosphine complexes, e.g., Pd(PPh 3 ) 4 , provides a highly general and convenient route to ketones.
Arthrichitin. A New Cell Wall Active Metabolite from Arthrinium phaeospermum.
Arthrichitin (1), C(33)H(46)N(4)O(9), is a new cell wall active depsipeptide isolated from the fermentation broth of Arthrinium phaeospermum (HIL Y-903022). Its structure was elucidated on the basisExpand