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Motivation and cognitive control in the human prefrontal cortex
The prefrontal cortex (PFC) subserves cognitive control, that is, the ability to select thoughts or actions in relation to internal goals. Little is known, however, about how the PFC combinesExpand
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Divided Representation of Concurrent Goals in the Human Frontal Lobes
Simultaneously Serving Two Goals What are the neuronal mechanisms underlying dual-task performance? Charron and Koechlin (p. 360) used functional magnetic resonance imaging to study this questionExpand
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Altered cortical processing of motor inhibition in schizophrenia
Inhibition is considered a key mechanism in schizophrenia. Short-latency intracortical inhibition (SICI) in the motor cortex is reduced in schizophrenia and is considered to reflect locally deficientExpand
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Nonconscious emotional processing involves distinct neural pathways for pictures and videos
Facial expressions are known to impact observers' behavior, even when they are not consciously identifiable. Relying on visual crowding, a perceptual phenomenon whereby peripheral faces becomeExpand
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Benefit from revascularization after thrombectomy according to FLAIR vascular hyperintensities–DWI mismatch
ObjectivesWe tested whether FLAIR vascular hyperintensities (FVH)–DWI mismatch could identify candidates for thrombectomy most likely to benefit from revascularization.MethodsWe retrospectivelyExpand
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The local properties of bold signal fluctuations at rest monitor inhibitory control training in adolescents
Highlights • ReHo and fALFF signals differentially predict Cool and Hot IC in adolescents.• Cool and Hot IC efficiency did not improve after IC training.• ReHo and fALFF signals in subcortical areasExpand
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Complex and subtle structural changes in prefrontal cortex induced by inhibitory control training from childhood to adolescence.
A number of training interventions have been designed to improve executive functions and inhibitory control (IC) across the lifespan. Surprisingly, no study has investigated the structuralExpand
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Popper a rompu avec une tradition epistemologique ancienne en introduisant une dissymetrie entre verifiabilite et refutation. Cette conception a d'importantes repercussions sur la maniere d'envisagerExpand
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L'architecture fonctionnelle intégrant le contrôle cognitif et le contrôle motivationnel dans le cortex préfrontal humain.
Le cortex prefrontal est le siege de la fonction executive, la capacite cognitive de haut niveau qui permet aux humains d'agir non seulement en reaction aux stimuli externes mais aussi en fonction deExpand
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