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Liverworts and Hornworts of Thailand: An Updated Checklist and Bryofloristic Accounts
The liverwort and hornwort flora of Thailand consists of 386 species belonging to 90 genera in 37 families, and the largest family is Lejeuneaceae (123 spp., 25 genera).
Taxonomic Studies on Thai Anthocerotophyta II. The Genus Notothylas (Notothyladaceae)
Abstract The genus Notothylas Sull. in Thailand is reviewed, based on herbarium specimens and field surveys. Eight species of the genus are recognized and two of them, N. pandei Udar et V. Chandra
Thismia filiformis, a new species of Thismiaceae (formerly Burmanniaceae) from Thailand
SummaryThismia filiformis is described and illustrated as a new species from Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. The conservation status and affinities of the new species are discussed.
Thismia clavigera (Thismiaceae), a new record for Thailand
Thismia clavigera (Becc.) F.Muell., a species newly recorded for Thailand, is described and illustrated. A key to the species of Thismia in Thailand is provided.
Thismia angustimitra (Thismiaceae), a new species from Thailand
A new species of the genus Thismia (Thismiaceae) from Thailand is described and illustrated
Phylogenetics of the mycoheterotrophic genus Thismia (Thismiaceae: Dioscoreales) with a focus on the Old World taxa: delineation of novel natural groups and insights into the evolution of
This investigation investigates the phylogenetic relationships of 41 species (and one variety) of Thismia from the Old World and provides a phylogenetic basis for the development of a novel sectional classification of thismia reflecting morphological and geographical traits.
New records in Lecanorchis Blume and Vanilla Plum. ex Mill. from Thailand, with keys to the Thai species
Three orchid species, Lecanorchis javanica Blume, L. nigricans Honda and Vanilla griffi thii Rchb.f., are newly recorded for Thailand. The species are described and illustrated. Keys to the Thai
Pteridophyte Diversity in the Tropical Lowland Rainforest of Khao Nan National Park, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand
An enumeration of the pteridophytes in the lowland (60-600 m) part of a tropical rain forest of Khao Nan National Park, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, southern Thailand, is presented and is the first
Notes on Thismia clandestina (Thismiaceae), a little-known mycoheterotrophic species
Thismia clandestina (Blume) Miq., a rare mycoheterotrophic species previously known only from Indonesia, was newly discovered in tropical lowland forest in southern Thailand. A description, line
Thismia claviformis (Thismiaceae), a new species from the Thai-Malay Peninsula
Thismia claviformis Chantanaorr, described and illustrated as a new species from the Thai-Malay Peninsula, is characterized by 1) vermiform underground parts, 2) equal perianth lobes with slenderClaviform appendages, and 4) the apex of stamen bearing two triangular lobes.