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Chemistry and biology of cyclic depsipeptides of medicinal and biological interest.
The present review deals with the most interesting aspects of the biology and the chemistry of some of the cyclic depsipeptides.
A highly efficient methodology of asymmetric epoxidation based on a novel chiral sulfur ylide.
A new type of chiral sulfur ylides has been synthesized and their reactivities against carbonyl compounds tested, showing a high degree of stereoselectivity in the formation of trans epoxy amides
Solid phase synthesis of globomycin and SF-1902 A5.
The syntheses of the natural lipocyclodepsipeptide-type antibiotics globomycin and SF-1902 A(5) are reported, utilizing solid phase technology for the construction of the peptidic fragment and a new
A highly stereoselective synthesis of glycidic amides based on a new class of chiral sulfonium salts: applications in asymmetric synthesis.
A new type of chiral sulfonium salts that are characterized by a bicyclic system has been designed and synthesized from α-amino acids and were reduced into their corresponding epoxy alcohols and subjected to oxirane-ring-opening reactions with different types of nucleophiles.
Chiral sulfur ylides for the synthesis of bengamide E and analogues.
A new synthetic methodology of asymmetric epoxidation developed in the laboratories has been employed for the stereoselective synthesis of bengamide E and analogues at the terminal olefinic position and allowed access to the generation of a wide array of new bENGamide analogues.
Palladium-Mediated Approach to Coumarin-Functionalized Amino Acids.
A Pd-mediated coupling is described between o-methoxyboronic acids and a glutamic acid derived (Z)-vinyl triflate, forming latent coumarins, and a mild and scalable route yielded five analogues, including a probe suitable for use at lower pH.