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Observation of a magic discrete family of ultrabright Si nanoparticles
We demonstrate that electrochemically etched, hydrogen capped SinHx clusters with n larger than 20 are obtained within a family of discrete sizes. These sizes are 1.0 (Si29), 1.67 (Si123), 2.15, 2.9,
Conical dislocations in crumpling
A crumpled piece of paper is made up of cylindrically curved or nearly planar regions folded along line-like ridges, which themselves pivot about point-like peaks; most of the deformation and energy
In situ study starch gelatinization under ultra-high hydrostatic pressure using synchrotron SAXS
Abstract The gelatinization of waxy (very low amylose) corn and potato starches by high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) (up to ∼1 GPa) was investigated in situ using synchrotron small-angle X-ray
Observation of laser oscillation in aggregates of ultrasmall silicon nanoparticles
We report laser oscillation at ∼610 nm in aggregates of ultrasmall elemental Si nanoparticles. The particles are ultrabright red emitting, dispersed from bulk Si by electrochemistry. The aggregates
A comparative study of seeding techniques and three‐dimensional matrices for mesenchymal cell attachment
It is discovered that dynamic seeding in a spinner flask tended to improve the cellularity of polymer constructs, especially mesh, and that bone marrow‐derived MSCs displayed a superior affinity for calcium phosphate scaffolds, which may be related to their hydrophobicity.
Nonlinear Behavior of Gelatin Networks Reveals a Hierarchical Structure.
The strain hardening behavior of various gelatin networks is investigated using the pre-stress, strain ramp, and large amplitude oscillations shear protocols to obtain structural parameters, such as the correlation length, the cross-sectional polymer chain radius, and the fractal dimension of the gel networks.
Nanoscale size effects on the mechanical properties of platinum thin films and cross-sectional grain morphology
The mechanical behavior of polycrystalline Pt thin films is reported for thicknesses of 75 nm, 100 nm, 250 nm, and 400 nm. These thicknesses correspond to transitions between nanocrystalline grain
Photoluminescence properties of TiO2 nanofibers
AbstractMulti-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT)-TiO2 nanofiber (NF) composites forming a layered nanostructure (MWCNTs/TiO2 NFs/Ti) were prepared by impregnation at low temperature. Room temperature
Investigating linear and nonlinear viscoelastic behaviour and microstructures of gelatin-multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
We have investigated the linear and nonlinear rheology of various gelatin-multiwalled carbon nanotube (gel-MWNT) composites, namely physically-crosslinked-gelatin gel-MWNT composites,