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Charity and Power in Early Modern Italy: Benefactors and Their Motives in Turin, 1541-1789.
Introduction 1. Sixteenth-century municipal plans for poor relief 2. Civic charity in the age of state formation 3. Motivations for charity 4 Charity and gender 5. Hospitals and poor relief in theExpand
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Chest wall movements prior to phonation.
Movements of the chest wall during the interval between an acoustic stimulus and the subject's vocal response were examined and timed in eight normal males. The reaction-time interval was divisibleExpand
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Prephonatory chest wall posturing in stutterers.
The possibility that prephonatory chest wall posturing is abnormal in stutterers was explored by observing rib cage and abdominal hemicircumference changes during the interval between theExpand
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Widowhood in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. Part One: Defining Widowhood. 1. Introduction - Sandra Cavallo/Lyndan Warner. 2. Men, women, and widows: some implications of the terminology of widowhood inExpand
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Prephonatory chest wall posturing.
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Prephonatory laryngeal and chest wall dynamics.
The timing of prephonatory movements of the larynx, rib cage, and abdomen was examined in order to gain insight into the contribution of the vocal folds to the posturing of the chest wall. A simpleExpand
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Frequency perturbation characteristics of pulse register phonation.
Examination of some acoustic characteristics of sustained pulse register phonation in normal adults confirmed the existence of two distinct waveform patterns. Trains of similar, highly damped wavesExpand
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Artisans of the body in early modern Italy: Identities, families and masculinities
List of plates List of captions List of figures List of tables Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Introduction 1. The view of the body of an ordinary surgeon 2. Health, beauty and hygiene: theExpand
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