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The Pawn Industry and Its Customers: The United States and Europe
As humankind’s oldest financial institution, pawnbroking has served the financial needs of low-income families for centuries. Recently, and especially in the last five years, an increasing number ofExpand
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Payday Loan and Pawnshop Usage: The Impact of Allowing Payday Loan Rollovers
type="main" xml:id="joca12072-abs-0001"> Millions of US households rely on payday loans and pawnshops for short-term credit. Payday loan interest rates are as high as 25% per 2- to 4-week loans andExpand
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The impact of computer usage on academic performance: Evidence from a randomized trial at the United States Military Academy
We present findings from a study that prohibited computer devices in randomly selected classrooms of an introductory economics course at the United States Military Academy. Average final exam scoresExpand
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Pecuniary Mistakes? Payday Borrowing by Credit Union Members
This chapter examines patterns of financial choices by a credit union’s members using transaction-level administrative data on checking, savings, and line-of-credit (LOC) accounts. We observeExpand
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Much Ado about Nothing? New Evidence on the Effects of Payday Lending on Military Members
We evaluate the effect that payday loan access has on credit and labor market outcomes of individuals in the U.S. Army. Using the conditional random assignment of service members to differentExpand
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Should Professors Ban Laptops
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The Effects of Mentor Quality, Exposure, and Type on Junior Officer Retention in the United States Army
Despite the prevalence of mentor relationships in the workplace, little is known about their impact on labor market outcomes, including job retention. Using plausibly exogenous assignment of protegesExpand
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Who&Apos;S the Boss? The Effect of Strong Leadership on Employee Turnover
Despite the importance placed on supervision in the workplace, little is known about the effects of a boss’ leadership quality on labor market outcomes such as employee job retention. Using plausiblyExpand
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Taking a closer look : the challenge of microanalysis
In a carefully organized and coherently argued book, Bloome et al. explicate an approach to discourse analysis of classroom language and literacy events that they call microethnographic; an approachExpand