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The algebra of cell-zeta values
Abstract In this paper, we introduce cell-forms on 𝔐0,n, which are top-dimensional differential forms diverging along the boundary of exactly one cell (connected component) of the real moduli spaceExpand
Periods on the moduli space of genus 0 curves
This report outlines a combinatorial recipe for computing the bases, whose elements are oriented polygons, of two cohomology spaces associated to multizeta values: the top dimensional de RhamExpand
Combinatorics of the double shuffle Lie algebra
In this article we give two combinatorial properties of elements satisfying the stuffle relations; one showing that double shuffle elements are determined by less than the full set of stuffleExpand
On the Broadhurst-Kreimer generating series for multiple zeta values
Let F denote the free polynomial algebra F = Q〈s3, s5, s7, . . .〉 on non-commutative variables si for odd i ≥ 3. The algebra F is weight-graded by letting sn be of weight n; we write Fn for theExpand
A polygonal presentation of $Pic(\overline{\mathfrak{M}}_{0,n})$
In the first section of this article, we recall Keel's well-known presentation of $Pic(\overline{\mathfrak{M}}_{0,n})$ using irreducible boundary divisors of $\overline{\mathfrak{M}}_{0,n}$ asExpand
Multizeta values: Lie algebras and periods on $\mathfrak{M}_{0,n}$
This thesis is a study of algebraic and geometric relations between multizeta values. In chapter 2, we prove a result which gives the dimension of the associated depth-graded pieces of the doubleExpand