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On the acoustic noise radiated by PWM AC motor drives
The paper presents and analyses the experimental acoustic noise of AC motors controlled by drives using different PWM techniques. After a discussion upon PWM methods concerning noise reduction,Expand
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Comparative Analysis of Channel Models for Industrial IoT Wireless Communication
In the industrial environments of the future, robots, sensors, and other industrial devices will have to communicate autonomously and in a robust and efficient manner with each other, relying on a large extent on wireless communication links, which will expand and supplement the existing wired/Ethernet connections. Expand
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Modelling and identification for reduction of overvoltage transients
The main problems that appear when using a long cable connection between a variable frequency drive (VFD) and the AC motor are overvoltages and bearing currents. The latter concerns especially EMC,Expand
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Method for adjusting parameters of a synchronous motor and speed variator using such a method
The invention relates to an engine parameter adjustment method in a drive controller for controlling a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets M. The method comprises a step of determiningExpand
A method for detecting the loss of one or more phases in a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets
Implementation Procedure in a variable speed drive (1) for detecting a loss of a phase, two phase or three phases in a three-phase synchronous permanent magnet motor (PMSM) in motion or stopped atExpand
Control Method of NPC type inverter