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A new method for accurate analytical modeling of switched reluctance motor
  • S. Cao, K. Tseng
  • Mathematics
  • International Conference on Power Electronic…
  • 1 December 1998
This paper presents a new method to build an accurate analytical dynamic model for switched reluctance motor (SRM). The parametric piecewise Hermite cubic spline function with a combination ofExpand
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A new hybrid C-dump and buck-fronted converter for switched reluctance motors
This paper presents an experimentally verified single-pulse-operation switched reluctance motor converter topology based on the basic buck-fronted topology and the modified C-dump topology. Expand
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Accurate calculation of winding resistance and influence of interleaving to mitigate ac effect in a medium-frequency high-power transformer
Medium/high-frequency transformer is an integral part of many power conversion systems. Switching at higher frequency results in lesser volume of magnetics but induces higher winding loss density, onExpand
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Evaluation of neighboring phase coupling effects of switched reluctance motor with dynamic modeling approach
  • S. Cao, K. Tseng
  • Engineering
  • Proceedings IPEMC . Third International Power…
  • 15 August 2000
This paper reports a method of evaluation of the neighboring phase coupling effects of switched reluctance motor (SRM) using dynamic modeling approach. The dynamic model of the SRM is developed usingExpand
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Add-On Feedforward Compensation for Vibration Rejection in HDD
The applications of the hard disk drive (HDD) in mobile and compact devices pose higher requirement on the vibration-rejection capability of HDD servo control. A novel vibration-compensation methodExpand
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Multi-variable optimization methodology for medium-frequency high-power transformer design employing steepest descent method
To find balance among multiple design objectives of a medium/high-frequency (MF/HF) high-power (HP) transformer is best addressed employing an optimization technique. In this paper, MF HP transformerExpand
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Thermal modeling and transient behavior analysis of a medium-frequency high-power transformer
A medium/high-power conversion system, using power electronic (PE) converter in conjunction with a medium/ high-frequency transformer, has many desirable effects suitably oriented for modern power system architecture. Expand
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Accurate calculation of leakage inductance for balanced and fractional-interleaved winding in medium-frequency high-power transformer
A medium/high-power conversion system using power electronic (PE) converter along with a medium/high-frequency transformer, offers many desirable features that are beneficial for present-day powerExpand
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A SRM variable speed drive with torque ripple minimization control
  • K. Tseng, S. Cao
  • Computer Science
  • APEC . Sixteenth Annual IEEE Applied Power…
  • 4 March 2001
This paper presents a new effective torque sharing technique to reduce the torque ripple of a switched reluctance motor. Expand
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Piezoelectric Asymmetric Indirect-Driven Self-Sensing Actuation
  • B. Hu, Jie Wan, +5 authors G. Guo
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 14th International Conference on Control and…
  • 1 June 2018
The Asymmetric Indirect-Driven Self-Sensing Actuation (AIDSSA) circuit for piezoelectric actuators uses active feedback mechanism in op-amps to reject the common-mode interferences. Expand
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