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Immigrants Turned Activists: Italians in 1970s Melbourne
Allum, F. 2014. “Understanding Criminal Mobility: The Case of the Neapolitan Camorra.” Journal of Modern Italian Studies 19 (5): 583–602. Campana, P. 2011. “Assessing the Movement of Criminal Groups:Expand
Forgoing life-supporting or death-prolonging therapy: a policy statement.
Avoiding death is not always the preeminent goal of health care, and decisions about the use of life-supporting treatment may either hasten or forestall death. What are the health care professional'sExpand
Reconsidering the migrant letter: from the experience of migrants to the language of migrants
Abstract Following a century of scholarly attention, the migrant letter, whether written by family members, lovers, friends, or others, is a document that continues to attract the attention ofExpand
‘If it is not too expensive, then you can send me sugar’: money matters among migrants and their families
Abstract Discussions about money among migrants and their families have long been a financial and emotional concern. Earning money, or more money, and securing a family’s present and futureExpand
Transatlantic correspondents : kinship, gender and emotions in postwar migration experiences between Italy and Canada, 1946-1971
This doctoral dissertation examines the impact of migration experienced by migrants to Canada and loved ones in Italy through the lens of personal correspondence. It focuses on the three decadesExpand
Families, Lovers, and their Letters: Italian Postwar Migration to Canada
[291] En las décadas recientes ha surgi­ do una tendencia en la historio­ grafía de la inmigración hacia el desarrollo de técnicas de análisis y fuentes en un intento para des­ entrañar nuevasExpand
“My Dearest Love…” Love, Longing, and Desire in International Migration
This article examines a selection of immigrant letters from the perspective of absence made present. It provides insights on ways that romantic love correspondence written in contexts ofExpand