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Safavid Art and Architecture
Introduction (Sheila R. Canby) The tomb of Shah Ismail I at Ardabi (Robert Hillenbrand) The imperial shah Abbas at the Safavid shrine of Shaikh Safi in Ardabil (Kishwar Rizvi) The Ardabil ShrineExpand
The Shahnama of Shah Tahmasp: The Persian Book of Kings
One of the most voluminous epics of world literature, the "Shahnama" (or "Book of Kings") narrates the history of the ancient kings of Iran, from their mythical beginnings to the Arab conquest in 651Expand
The Golden Age of Persian Art 1501-1722
The era of Safavid rule (1501-1722) saw the finest flowering of the arts in Iran. In a time of dynamic religious and political developments, painting and textiles attained new heights of brillianceExpand
Art of the book
APPROXIMATELY SIXTY ENTRIES IN VOLUMES I-VI OF ENCYCLOPAEDIA IRANICA deal with painting and calligraphy in Islamic Iran. While Priscilla Soucek has contributed many of these, other authors includeExpand
Can Museums Educate the Public about Islamic Art