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Geochemistry of Recent oxic and anoxic marine sediments: Implications for the geological record
Abstract The distributions of certain minor and trace elements in marine sediments should potentially provide forensic tools for determining the redox conditions of the bottom waters at the time ofExpand
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Rhenium and molybdenum enrichments in sediments as indicators of oxic, suboxic and sulfidic conditions of deposition
Abstract The trace elements Re and Mo both behave conservatively in seawater yet are strongly enriched in reducing sediments. Their potential for authigenic enrichment above crustal concentrations isExpand
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Nitrogen and carbon isotopic composition of marine and terrestrial organic matter in Arctic Ocean sediments:: implications for nutrient utilization and organic matter composition
Abstract Relationships between organic carbon, total nitrogen and organic nitrogen concentrations and variations in δ 13 C org and δ 15 N org are examined in surface sediments from the easternExpand
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Nitrogen isotope fractionation during the uptake and assimilation of nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, and urea by a marine diatom
Knowledge of the fractionation of nitrogen isotopes by phytoplankton is a key requirement for the calibration of the new δ 15 N paleotracer. An essential part of information required in thisExpand
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Glacial-interglacial variability in denitrification in the World's Oceans: Causes and consequences
The late Quaternary history of water-column denitrifcation of the eastern Pacific margins and the Arabian Sea is reconstructed using sedimentary δ15N measurements. The δ15N values in six piston coresExpand
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Synchronous Tropical South China Sea SST Change and Greenland Warming During Deglaciation
The tropical ocean plays a major role in global climate. It is therefore crucial to establish the precise phase between tropical and high-latitude climate variability during past abrupt climateExpand
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Rare earth element geochemistry of oceanic ferromanganese nodules and associated sediments
Abstract Analyses have been made of REE contents of a well-characterized suite of deep-sea (> 4000 m.) principally todorokite-bearing ferromanganese nodules and associated sediments from the PacificExpand
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Large changes in oceanic nutrient inventories from glacial to interglacial periods
CHANGES in ocean chemistry and circulation have been invoked to explain the lower atmospheric CO2 concentrations of glacial periods observed in ice-core records1. The processes that modulate theseExpand
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Nitrogen isotope fractionation in 12 species of marine phytoplankton during growth on nitrate
The nitrogen isotopic composition of 12 species of marine phytoplankton were deter- mined by isotope ratio mass spectrometry in order to investigate isotope fractionation associated with growth onExpand
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Nitrogen isotope variations in the subarctic northeast Pacific: relationships to nitrate utilization and trophic structure
The isotopic composition of dissolved nitrate, size-fractionated suspended particulate organic matter (SPOM) and zooplankton was determined on a transect (Line P) between a coastal upwwelling domainExpand
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