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Essential oils of Mentha pulegium and Mentha rotundifolia from Uruguay
Essential oils obtained by hydrodistillation from leaves of Mentha pulegium L. and Mentha rotundifolia (L.) Huds. from Uruguay were analysed by GC-FID and GC-MS. Oxygen-containing monoterpenes were
Essential oil composition and antimicrobial activity of three Zingiberaceae from S.Tomé e Príncipe.
The essential oil composition of three Zingiberaceae widely used as medicinal aromatic plants from S. Tomé and Príncipe, A. danielli and Z. officinale showed antimicrobial activity against all Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria tested, as well as against yeasts and filamentous fungi, using the agar diffusion method.
Immunomodulatory activity and chemical characterisation of sangre de drago (dragon's blood) from Croton lechleri.
Sangre de drago from Croton lechleri showed immunomodulatory activity, which exhibited a potent inhibitory activity on CP and AP of complement system and inhibited the proliferation of activated T-cells and free radical scavenging capacity.
Composition of the essential oils of Ocimum canum, O. gratissimum and O. minimum.
The essential oils of OCIMUM CANUM, O. GRATISSIMUM and O. MINIMUM grown in S. Tomé, where they are used in Traditional Medicine mainly as febrifuge and for the treatment of respiratory diseases, were investigated and (13)C-NMR SPECTROSCOPY proved to be an important tool, which can be very useful in the identification of most of the constituents.