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Super-wavelets on local fields of positive characteristic
The concept of super-wavelet was introduced by Balan, and Han and Larson over the field of real numbers which has many applications not only in engineering branches but also in different areas ofExpand
On Complete Invariance Property
Hyperspaces and the S-equivariant Complete Invariance Property
In this paper it is investigated as to when a nonempty invariant closed subset A of a -space X containing the set of stationary points (S) can be the fixed point set of an equivariant continuousExpand
On uniform flow
We obtain a condition under which a uniform flow is induced over a metric space homeomorphic to a given metric space with a uniform flow. Various examples of uniform flow are also constructed.Expand
Complete Invariance Property with respect to Homeomorphism over Frame Multiwavelet and Super-Wavelet Spaces
We discuss the complete invariance property with respect to homeomorphism (CIPH) over various sets of wavelets containing all orthonormal multiwavelets, all tight frame multiwavelets, allExpand
Semi-orthogonal Parseval wavelets associated to GMRAs on local fields of positive characteristics
In this article we establish theory of semi-orthogonal Parseval wavelets associated to generalized multiresolution analysis (GMRA) for the local field of positive characteristics (LFPC). By employingExpand