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Correlation of pinopod development on uterine luminal epithelial surface with hormonal events and endometrial sensitivity in rat.
It is confirmed that pinopod development on uterine luminal epithelium was dependent on progesterone alone and demonstrated that preovulatory (priming) or nidatory (endometrial sensitizing) estrogen or viable blastocysts in utero have no role in their development. Expand
Organ-specific effects of DNA methylation by alkylating agents in the inbred Swiss mouse.
Young adult inbred Swiss mice given single or repeated equitoxic doses of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNUA) or methyl methanesulphonate (MMS) develop thymomas and pulmonary adenomas only following MNUAExpand
Methyl 5(6)-(alpha-hydroxyphenyl methyl) benzimidazole-2-carbamate and cysticercosis: chemotherapeutic and electron microscopic studies.
Activity of mebendazole against mature cysts was parallel to metabolite whereas against developing cysts, it was inferior and the possession of better efficacy and higher safety range suggests that the metabolite can be a potential anthelmintic for man and animals. Expand
Organophosphate pesticide DDVP-induced alterations in the rat cerebellum and spinal cord -- an electron microscopic study.
DDVP is an organophosphate pesticide whose neurotoxicity, in the form of cholinesterase inhbition, is well-known and a large number of electron-dense bodies exhibiting electron-lucid vacuoles were discernible in the perikarya of cerebellar neurons. Expand
The hamster heart is resistant to calcium paradox.
The hamster heart did not exhibit the calcium paradox state whereas rat heart did, and the hamster cardiac muscle is remarkably tolerant to [Ca(2+)]()i loading either induced by Ca( 2+)reperfusion or caffeine-induced sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+)release. Expand
Substituted methyl benzimidazole carbamate: efficacy against experimental cysticercosis.
The effective cysticidal action of the compound makes it a candidate medical anthelmintic, and was tested against Cysticercus fasciolaris in rats and the cysticercoids of Hymenolepis nana in beetles. Expand
Ultrastructural differences of Hartmannella culbertsoni Singh and Das, 1970, in mouse brain and under different cultural conditions.
Outlines of the amoebae in mouse brain were more or less rounded, whereas the amOebae from axenic and monobacterial cultures were irregular in outline, and electron dense mitochondria were characteristic of amoEBae in axenic culture. Expand
Study of Naegleria aerobia by electron microscopy.
The clear space around the amoebae in the host tissues and the myelinated structure in the food vacuoles suggest both extracellular digestion and phagocytic activity of the pathogen respectively. Expand
Bone marrow and thymus regeneration is a condition for thymoma development.
It is suggested that bone marrow and thymus regeneration is an essential step in thymoma development. Expand
Luteolytic action of two antiprogestational agents (RU-38486 and ZK-98734) in the rat.
It is suggested that these antiprogestagens act via inhibition of luteal function in addition to their antagonism at the uterine progesterone receptor level. Expand