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Generalized Israel junction conditions for a Gauss-Bonnet brane world
In spacetimes of dimension greater than four it is natural to consider higher order (in R) corrections to the Einstein equations. In this letter generalized Israel junction conditions for a membrane
Scalar brane backgrounds in higher order curvature gravity
We investigate maximally symmetric brane world solutions with a scalar field. Five-dimensional bulk gravity is described by a general lagrangian which yields field equations containing no higher than
Solar system constraints on f(G) dark energy
Corrections to solar system gravity are derived for f(G) gravity theories, in which a function of the Gauss-Bonnet curvature term is added to the gravitational action. Their effects on Newton's law,
Successfully combining SUGRA hybrid inflation and moduli stabilization
Inflation and moduli stabilization mechanisms work well independently, and many string-motivated supergravity models have been proposed for them. However, a complete theory will contain both, and
Microphysics of SO(10) cosmic strings
We uncover a rich microphysical structure for SO(10) cosmic strings. For the abelian string the electroweak symmetry is restored around it in a region depending on the electroweak scale. A rich
D-term uplifted racetrack inflation
It is shown that racetrack inflation can be implemented in a moduli stabilization scenario with a supersymmetric uplifting D-term. The resulting model is completely described by an effective