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One step carbon nanotubes-based solid-phase extraction for the gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric multiclass pesticide control in virgin olive oils.
This article presents a novel application of carbon nanotubes for the determination of pesticides (chlortoluron, diuron, atrazine, simazine, terbuthylazin-desethyl, dimetoathe, malathion andExpand
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Carbon nanostructures as sorbent materials in analytical processes
Over time, new materials have been used and incorporated in a wide variety of analytical processes. This century, technology has produced novel nanomaterials with unique properties whose use hasExpand
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One-step in-syringe ionic liquid-based dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction.
Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) has been proved to be a powerful tool for the rapid sample treatment of liquid samples providing at the same time high enrichment factors andExpand
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Role of carbon nanotubes in analytical science.
Analytical science has gone through several turning points, one of the most decisive of which was signaled by the development and massive use of instruments for analytical purposes. One other pivotalExpand
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Potential of nanoparticles in sample preparation.
The paper presents a general overview of the use of nanoparticles to perform sample preparation. In this way the main uses of nanoparticles to carry out solid phase extraction, solid phaseExpand
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Present and future applications of carbon nanotubes to analytical science
This article reviews the impact of carbon nanotubes on analytical science, and the main current and future applications of carbon nanotubes in this field. Given that it is necessary to solubilizeExpand
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Sample treatments based on dispersive (micro)extraction
Sample treatment has evolved in the last few years following basic trends, simplification, automation and miniaturization being the most remarkable ones. Microextraction techniques, including solidExpand
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Evaluation of single-walled carbon nanohorns as sorbent in dispersive micro solid-phase extraction.
A new dispersive micro solid-phase extraction method which uses single-walled carbon nanohorns (SWNHs) as sorbent is proposed. The procedure combines the excellent sorbent properties of theExpand
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Semiautomatic multiresidue gas chromatographic method for the screening of vegetables for 25 organochlorine and pyrethroid pesticides
Abstract A method for multiresidue screening of lyophilised vegetables for up to 25 pesticides (16 pyrethroids and 9 OCPs) permitted in the European Union was systematically developed on the basis ofExpand
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Direct coupling of ionic liquid based single-drop microextraction and GC/MS.
The use of ionic liquids as extracting media in single-drop liquid-phase microextraction (SDME) and its direct coupling to gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is presented. For this purpose,Expand
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