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Comparative study of infrared spectra of glycosaminoglycans and their monomers
: The infrared spectra of hyaluronic acid (HA), protein chondroitin keratan sulfate (PCKS), aggregates of proteoglycans (AP), glucuronic acid and its potassium salt, glucosamine, galactosamine (bothExpand
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The Use of the Major Component (Solvent) As an Internal Standard in the Gas-Chromatographic Determination of Impurities
A gas-chromatographic method was proposed for determining impurities using the major component as an internal standard. This method exhibits sufficiently high performance characteristics.
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[Fibronectins (review)].
The most important studies on fibronectins (FN) carried out within the recent 5-7 years are reviewed. The FN localization in cells and tissues is considered and various functions of FN are discussed.Expand
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Effect of proteoglycans on erythrocytes in the circulating blood
5. Yu. I. Lisunkin, Farmakol . Toksikol . , N_ o 2, 175-180 (I961). 6. N. Akaike, K. Hattori, N. Inomata, and Y. Oomura, Z Physiol. (London), 360, 367-386 (1985). 7. Kam Pui lung, Comput. Biol. Med.,Expand
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Comparative study of infrared spectra of proteoglycans
Individual preparations of hyaluronic acid (HUA), of the natural hyaline cartilage complex of protein - chondroitin-keratan sulfate (PCKS), and proteoglycan aggregates (PA) of the same tissue and ofExpand
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[Study of different proteoglycan salts].
The authors have devised the methods for preparing free hyaluronic acid (HA) and non-aggregating fraction of protein-chondroitin-keratan sulfate (PCKS), as well as those for preparing their Na+, K+,Expand
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Infrared spectra of some proteoglycans
I n f r a r ed (IR) spec t roscopy , which r e v e a l s ce r t a in groups and bonds in var ious subs tances that a r e diff icult o r imposs ib le to detect by chemica l methods [5, 7-9, 13], hasExpand
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[Infrared spectra of certain proteoglycans].
IR spectra of high-purified potassium salts of hyaluronic acid (HA), non-aggregation fraction of protein-chondroitin-keratan sulfate (PChKS) and heparin fractions containing 3 (H-3) and 4 (H-4)Expand
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Role of protein components of proteoglycans in steric exclusion of cells
Polymers differing in the content of their protein components have been obtained from hyaluronic acid (HUA), naturally occurring protein-chondroitin-keratan sulfate (PCKS) complexes, and proteoglycanExpand
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Infrared spectroscopic study of ocular proteoglycans
Infrared (IR) spectroscopy of tissues can reveal the presence of proteoglycans in them and also the state and character of interaction between the macromolecules of these biopolymers [4, 6, 9].Expand
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