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Floristic diversity and structure of upland and arroyo forests of coastal Jalisco
The species richness at Chamela, Jalisco (average annual rainfall 748 mm, with a 4-month wet season), exceeded that of other Neotropical dry forests with more than twice its annual rainfall. TransectExpand
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Breeding Systems in the Flora of a Tropical Deciduous Forest in Mexico
Floral sexuality was characterized for most of the flora (708 species) of a forest reserve at Chamela, Jalisco, and compatibility was determined for a sample of hermaphroditic species. Nine types ofExpand
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Climate of Chamela, Jalisco, and trends in the south coastal region of Mexico
SummaryThe warm, seasonally dry climate of Mexico's south coast is represented by data from the biological station at Chamela, Jalisco, and is compared with 26 other localities. The mean annualExpand
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Phenology of canopy trees of a tropical deciduous forest in México.
Our study focuses on a site of very low rainfall but exceptionally high diversity of woody plants, and describes events at the ecosystem, community, and population levels. We attempt to lead to someExpand
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Seasonally dry tropical forests.
Prolonged seasonal drought affects most of the tropics, including vast areas presently or recently dominated by 'dry forests'. These forests have received scant attention, despite the fact thatExpand
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Comparative experimental study of seed dispersal on animals.
Studies of the plants Achyranthes aspera, Bidens sp. and Petiveria alliacea establish examples of seed attachment and detachment on dispersal surfaces that occur continuously during movement of aExpand
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Demography of an undergrowth palm in littoral Cameroon.
This study of Podococcus barteri in Cameroon, equatorial West Africa, shows that the longevity of this small palm is in the range of 63-74 years. Seasonality is more pronounced in flowering than inExpand
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