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Restoring degraded tropical forests for carbon and biodiversity
The extensive deforestation and degradation of tropical forests is a significant contributor to the loss of biodiversity and to global warming. Restoration could potentially mitigate the impacts of
Community forest management in Indonesia: Avoided deforestation in the context of anthropogenic and climate complexities
Abstract Community forest management has been identified as a win-win option for reducing deforestation while improving the welfare of rural communities in developing countries. Despite considerable
Conservation Research Is Not Happening Where It Is Most Needed
It is revealed that comparatively less research is undertaken in the world’s most biodiverse countries, the science conducted in these countries is often not led by researchers based in-country, and these scientists are also underrepresented in important international fora.
Evaluating the effectiveness of palm oil certification in delivering multiple sustainability objectives
Industrial oil palm plantations in South East Asia have caused significant biodiversity losses and perverse social outcomes. To address concerns over plantation practices and in an attempt to improve
Estimating the Aboveground Biomass of Bornean Forest
We apply a process-based model, called 3-PG (physiological principles for predicting growth), to estimate aboveground biomass for the primary forests of Borneo. Using publicly available soil and
Oil palm-community conflict mapping in Indonesia: A case for better community liaison in planning for development initiatives
Conflict between large-scale oil-palm producers and local communities is widespread in palm-oil producer nations. With a potential doubling of oil-palm cultivation in Indonesia in the next ten years
Multiple conceptualizations of nature are key to inclusivity and legitimacy in global environmental governance
Abstract Despite increasing scientific understanding of the global environmental crisis, we struggle to adopt the policies science suggests would be effective. One of the reasons for that is the lack
Does oil palm agriculture help alleviate poverty? A multidimensional counterfactual assessment of oil palm development in Indonesia
Palm oil producing countries regularly promote the positive impact of oil palm agriculture on poverty alleviation, despite limited evidence about the contribution of this crop on village well-being.
Growth evaluation of native tree species planted on post coal mining reclamation site in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Lestari DA, Fiqa AP, Fauziah, Budiharta S. 2019. Growth evaluation of native tree species planted on post coal mining reclamation site in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 20: 134-143. Mining
The processes that threaten Indonesian plants
Abstract The processes that threaten 240 Indonesian threatened plants were identified and categorized based on a comprehensive review of the published literature and elicitation of information from