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Muscle energetics and pulmonary oxygen uptake kinetics during moderate exercise.
The present study tested whether, during moderate exercise, 1) the dynamic responses of ADP and changes in free energy of ATP hydrolysis (delta GATP) were similar to those of phosphocreatine [PCr; asExpand
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Prognosis in Women With Myocardial Ischemia in the Absence of Obstructive Coronary Disease: Results From the National Institutes of Health–National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute–Sponsored Women’s
Background—We previously reported that 20% of women with chest pain but without obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD) had stress-induced reduction in myocardial phosphocreatine–adenosineExpand
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Changes in potential controllers of human skeletal muscle respiration during incremental calf exercise.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the consequences of non-linear changes in phosphocreatine (PCr) and pH during incremental calf exercise on estimates of ADP and cytosolic free energy of ATPExpand
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31P-magnetic resonance spectroscopy of leg muscle metabolism during exercise in children and adults.
Gas exchange response to high-intensity exercise differs in children and adults. We hypothesized that these findings are related to a lower anaerobic ATP supply in children. We predicted therefore aExpand
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Asian women have greater abdominal and visceral adiposity than Caucasian women with similar body mass index
Background:In the Multiethnic Cohort Study, Japanese Americans (JA) have lower mean body mass index (BMI) compared with Caucasians, but show a higher waist-to-hip ratio at similar BMI values and aExpand
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Abnormal myocardial phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in women with chest pain but normal coronary angiograms.
BACKGROUND After hospitalization for chest pain, women are more likely than men to have normal coronary-artery angiograms. In such women, myocardial ischemia in the absence of clinically significantExpand
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Brain lesions in patients with AIDS: H-1 MR spectroscopy.
PURPOSE To evaluate the role of proton (hydrogen-1) magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy in the differential diagnosis of focal brain lesions in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndromeExpand
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Elevated brain scyllo‐inositol concentrations in patients with Alzheimer's disease
in vivo 1H MRS reveals reduced N‐acetylaspartate (NAA) and elevated myo‐inositol (mI) in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease (AD) and patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI). We areExpand
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MRI Default Mode Network Connectivity is Associated with Functional Outcome After Cardiopulmonary Arrest
BackgroundWe hypothesized that the degree of preserved functional connectivity within the DMN during the first week after cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) would be associated with functional outcome atExpand
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‘PCr overshoot’: a study of the duration in canine myocardium
The phosphocreatine (PCr) overshoot is a well‐documented phenomenon and is readily observable by 31P MRS. In addition, a second 31P MRS observation during ischemia with reperfusion is a diminution inExpand
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