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The First Industrial Nation: An Economic History of Britain, 1700–1914 . By Peter Mathias. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1969. Pp. xiv + 493. $10.00.
  • S. Bruchey
  • Economics, History
    Business History Review
  • 1 December 1970
Peter Mathias, the Chichele Professor of Economic History in the University of Oxford, is an historian of discernment, imagination and erudition, and these are qualities that distinguish this
Ideas, ideologies, and social movements : the United States experience since 1800
This volume uncovers the role of ideas and ideologies in some of the most important social movements in US history. The book examines attempts to bring about or to thwart social or institutional
Enterprise: The Dynamic Economy of a Free People
Not since Charles and Mary Beard's "The Rise of American Civilization" has a narrative been written for the general reader and student alike that so superbly explicates the origins of American
The Roots of American Economic Growth, 1607-1861: An Essay in Social Causation
1. The Matter of method 2. The Dependent years: I i. The question of colonial economic growth ii. Colonial economic expansion iii. Land iv. Production for subsistence and for market v. The Planters: