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Confronting Childhood Obesity
As a nation, the authors must confront the epidemic increase in child obesity, and usher in a new, and much-needed, era of cooperation between consumers, industry, health advocacy organiza tions, and media companies.
End the Suffering in Sudan
Mr. Smith goes to Washington?. Interview by Renee Blankenau.
The five freshman congressmen we're profiling in this issue have a lot more going for them than Mr. Smith did; most importantly, all bring strong community health and welfare concerns to Capitol
Bioethics and the future of humanity.
  • S. Brownback
  • Philosophy, Medicine
    The national Catholic bioethics quarterly
  • 1 August 2006
Appendix for “ Linking Issue Stances and Trait Inferences : A Theory of Moral Exemplification ”
Table A2 shows the results of the seemingly unrelated regression model predicting trait perceptions of Jim Inhofe, as reported in the text (see p. 17). Treatment 0.30 *** -0.02 Death Penalty
Triumphs & Traps; What's Ahead for Conservatives
What do the 1996 elections tell us about where the American people want the country to go? Is the country still shifting toward conservative government? What are the greatest opportunities now to
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A New Contract with America
"I love my nation but I fear my government."and I had to wonder: Was this not the same government that had mobilized the nation to win World War II, that had defeated communism, that had built the