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Localization,purification,and characterization of dimethylallylpyrophosphate:umbelliferone dimethylallythransferase from Ruta graveolens.
Abstract Fractionation of Ruta graveolens L. leaf extracts showed chloroplasts to be the major if not exclusive site of umbelliferone:dimethylallyl pyrophosphate dimethylallyl transferase (EC
Topsoil Characteristics from a Paired Farm Survey of Organic versus Conventional Farming in Southern England
ABSTRACT Results from experimental trials and on-farm surveys have suggested that organic farm management is associated with positively enhanced soil physical, chemical and biologicalExpand
Isolation of dimethylallylpyrophosphate: umbelliferone dimethylally transferase from Ruta graveolens.
  • B. Ellis, S. Brown
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Canadian journal of biochemistry
  • 1 September 1974
The enzyme catalyzing the first reaction specifically directed to furanocoumarin synthesis has been isolated from suspension cultures and young leaves of Ruta graveolens and Herniarin does not substitute for umbelliferone, nor geranylpyrophosphate for dimethylallylpyroph phosphate. Expand
Organic farming and water pollution
Farming activities are often a source of water pollution in rural areas. Nitrate leaching, eutrophication, pesticide accumulation and other forms of contamination are causing increasing concern. ThisExpand
Effect of thyroxine on acid lipase activity of adult rat liver
It is shown that administration of thyroxine for several days evokes an increase in the activity of three acid /3glycosidases in the liver of adult rats and thyroidectomy causes a decrease in their activity, and this effect could be demonstrated for other lysosomal enzymes. Expand
Biosynthesis of the coumarins. III. The role of glycosides in the formation of coumarin by Hierochloe odorata.
  • S. Brown
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology
  • 1 May 1962
Coumarinic acid β-glucoside and coumarin are both metabolic intermediates rather than end products, and the glucoside is formed first, which supports the orthohydroxylation theory of cou marin biosynthesis. Expand
Expression of the amino-terminal half-molecule of human serum transferrin in cultured cells and characterization of the recombinant protein.
A DNA fragment coding for the natural signal sequence, the hTF/2N lobe, and the two stop codons was cloned into the expression vector pNUT, such that the expression of hTF-2N was controlled by the mouse metallothionein promoter and the human growth hormone termination sequences. Expand
O-methyltransferases of furanocoumarin biosynthesis.
Additive effects observed in mixed-substrate experiments and variations in specific activity ratios during purification, supported by differences in the patterns of effects of divalent cations, stability, and molecular weights, demonstrate the presence in Ruta cell culture extracts of two discrete enzymes acting at the two different positions. Expand
A chemical procedure for determination of the C14-distribution in labeled glucose.
A series of reactions reported previously for the degradation of glucose has been modified and extended to permit the determination of carbon-14 in each of the five carbons of a single 2 mM sample, theoretically applicable to other aldopentoses and aldotetroses. Expand
Characteristics and postnatal development of the acid lipase activity of the rat small intestine.
The activity of acid lipase was practically the same along the height of the villus, thus paralleling the distribution of acid beta-galactosidase, and showed a peak between days 10 and 15, at which time it exceeded the adult mid-jejunum activity by 5--6-fold. Expand