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Crystal seeding in flow-injection turbidimetry: determination of total sulfur in plants
Reproducible addition of on-line produced suspensions is proposed to improve supersaturation conditions in flow turbidimetry. This crystal seeding leads to a simplification in system design, and anExpand
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Species arboreal as a bioindicator of the environmental pollution: Analysis by SR-TXRF
Abstract This paper aims to study the environmental pollution in the tree development, in order to evaluate its use as bioindicator in urban and countrysides. The sample collection was carried out inExpand
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Flow Injection System with Multisite Detection for Spectrophotometric Determination of Calcium and Magnesium in Soil Extracts and Natural Waters
A flow system with a relocatable detector for spectrophotometric determination of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in KCl soil extracts and natural waters is presented. O-Cresolphthalein complexonExpand
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Multi-site detection in flow analysis
Monosegmented systems with detector relocation are proposed. The sample is injected with an air plug positioned at its tailing portion in order to minimize dispersion. After the peak maximum, theExpand
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Determination of zinc in plants by flow injection spectrophotometry with ion-exchange separation
A flow injection system is proposed for the spectrophotometric determination of zinc in plants. Ashed samples dissolved in 2.0 M hydrochloric acid are injected into a slightly acidic sodium chlorideExpand
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Multi-site detection in flow analysis: Part 1. Relocation of spectrophotometric detector
Abstract Multi-site detection is achieved when a single detector is allowed to locate at different positions in the manifold. Relocation of the detector is accomplished by connecting its inlet andExpand
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Monitoring of the environmental pollution by trace element analysis in tree-rings using synchrotron radiation total reflection X-ray fluorescence☆
This paper aims to study the environmental pollution in the tree development, in order to evaluate its use as bioindicator in urban and country sides.Expand
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Analysis of fish samples for environmental monitoring and food safety assessment by synchrotron radiation total reflection X-ray fluorescence
SummaryThis study uses fishes as indicators of metal contamination in the Piracicaba Basin and also for evaluation of the risks to human health by the ingestion of fish contaminated by metals andExpand
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Sequential analyte removal in flow analysis: determination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in fertilizers
Abstract A new approach for multiparametric determinations in flow analysis based on successive sequestering of analytes is proposed and exemplified in the determination of water soluble nitrogen,Expand
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