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Two comments on Euclid's Elements? On the relation between the Arabic text attributed to al‐Nayrızı and the Latin text ascribed to Anaritius
L'auteur tente de determiner la paternite d'un texte commentant les elements d'Euclide, l'un etant un texte arabe attribue a al-Nayrizi et l'autre un texte latin impute a Anaritius
1001 Inventions : the enduring legacy of Muslim civilization
Companion to the record-breaking London exhibit, this book is rich with vibrant images and little known facts that highlight revolutionising discoveries made throughout Muslim history that effected
Euclid's Elements, Courtly Patronage and Princely Education
The Persian tradition of Euclid's Elements is closely connected with the Arabic transmission of the work in Iran, Central Asia and India. This tradition has multiple starting points. Na īr al-Dīn
The sciences in Islamic societies (750–1800)
Introduction The study of the non-religious scholarly disciplines in Islamic societies has mostly focused on elite writings, instruments and, occasionally, images. A vertical historical approach that
The Prison of Categories—‘Decline’ and Its Company
Historiography of Islamic societies and their secularized successors often suffers under the burden of century-old categories, values, expectations, approaches, and judgments. Categories such as