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Tree Diversity, Forest Structure and Productivity along Altitudinal and Topographical Gradients in a Species‐Rich Ecuadorian Montane Rain Forest
We studied the spatial heterogeneity of tree diversity, and of forest structure and productivity in a highly diverse tropical mountain area in southern Ecuador with the aim of understanding theExpand
Seasonality of weather and tree phenology in a tropical evergreen mountain rain forest
Flowering and fruiting as phenological events of 12 tree species in an evergreen tropical mountain rain forest in southern Ecuador were examined over a period of 3–4 years, and rainfall and minimum temperature appear to be the only parameters with a periodicity free of long-term variations. Expand
Biodiversity and phytogeography of the alpine flora of Iran
Iran is a mountainous country. Zagros and Alborz mountains reach altitudes of more than 4,000 m. Alpine regions are above timber-line, which is not easy to recognize, since aridity is prominent inExpand
Climatic determinism in phytogeographic regionalization: A test from the Irano-Turanian region, SW and Central Asia
a b s t r a c t This study investigates the role of climate in determining phytogeographic regions, focusing particularly on the Irano-Turanian floristic region in SW and Central Asia. A set ofExpand
Salinity, Halophytes and Salt Affected Natural Ecosystems
A high diversity of halophytes has evolved in predominantly arid regions. The mechanisms of salt resistance are manifold. Classification of halophyte types can be done by using various parameters.Expand
The Role of Biological Soil Crusts on Desert Sand Dunes in the Northwestern Negev, Israel
Biological soil crusts are important microphytic communities and significantly influence both structure and processes within the ecosystem. They are built up from cyanobacteria, green algae, fungi,Expand
The subnival–nival vascular plant species of Iran: a unique high-mountain flora and its threat from climate warming
This study provides a first country-wide overview of the vertical distribution patterns and the chorology of vascular plant species that occur in the uppermost elevation zones in Iran. The currentExpand
Effects of toxic heavy metals (Cd, Pb) on growth and mineral nutrition of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)
The beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) is the dominant tree in Middle Europe under many different ecological conditions. But like other tree species, it is suffering in the last ten years increasingly by airExpand
Temperate and polar zonobiomes of Northern Eurasia
1: Zonobiome VI: The Temperate Nemoral Zones of Europe.- 1.0 Introduction.- 1.1 Climate.- 1.2 The Soils.- 1.3 The Producers.- 1.3.1 Subzonobiome (oc) with the Atlantic Heath Areas.- 1.3.2Expand