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Periadolescence: age-dependent behavior and psychopharmacological responsivity in rats.
The behavior and psychopharmacological sensitivity of periadolescent rats are examined in this review. Periadolescent rats are hyperactive and engage in more conspecific play behavior than younger orExpand
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Olfactory-guided orientation in neonatal rats is enhanced by a conditioned change in behavioral state.
In Experiment 1, 3-6-day-old rats were simultaneously exposed to an unfamiliar odor which they will normally avoid (orange extract) and the odor of maternal saliva, or to either orange alone orExpand
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Huddling and independent feeding of neonatal rats can be facilitated by a conditioned change in behavioral state.
Infant rat pups were exposed to a novel odor (orange or cedar) while they received tactile stimulation (stroking of the body) or were presented with odor or stroking alone. The effects of theseExpand
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Suckling infant rats learn a preference for a novel olfactory stimulus paired with milk delivery.
  • S. Brake
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  • 30 January 1981
When presented a novel olfactory stimulus while suckling a passive dam, 11- to 14-day-old rat pups acquire a conditioned preference for that stimulus. The magnitude of the conditioned preference isExpand
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Species identification and susceptibility to 17 antibiotics of coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from clinical specimens.
A total of 299 isolates of gram-positive, catalase-positive, coagulase-negative cocci were isolated from a variety of specimens collected from patients at a large university hospital, and 281 (94%)Expand
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Prenatal administration of methadone using the osmotic minipump: effects on maternal and offspring toxicity, growth, and behavior in the rat.
Two doses of methadone were administered by osmotic minipump from day 8 of gestation through parturition. A pair-fed control group received saline via minipump and was allowed to eat and drink onlyExpand
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Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol during pregnancy in the rat: II. Effects on ontogeny of locomotor activity and nipple attachment in the offspring.
Either 15 or 50 mg/kg delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in sesame oil was administered by gastric intubation to gravid rats during the last two weeks of gestation. A pair-fed control group wasExpand
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Exploiting the Nursing Niche
Altricial mammals are born into an extremely supportive and nurturing environment. For days, or even weeks, this environment consists primarily of the mother. Her role is usually cast as provider andExpand
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Prenatal administration of methadone in the rat increases offspring acoustic startle amplitude at age 3 weeks.
Two doses of methadone were administered by osmotic minipump from Day 8 of gestation through parturition, a dosing technique previously shown to produce physical dependence in the dams. A pair-fedExpand
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A method for recording and analyzing intra-oral negative pressure in suckling rat pups
A method for recording and analyzing intra-oral negative pressure in suckling rat pups is described. The technique is capable of detecting changes in sucking frequency, rate and amplitude. ThreeExpand
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