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Parameter estimation in X-ray astronomy
The problems of model classification and parameter estimation are examined, with the objective of establishing the statistical reliability of inferences drawn from X-ray observations. For testing the
The 1997 reference of diffuse night sky brightness
In the following we present material in tabular and graphical form, with the aim to allow the non-specialist to obtain a realistic estimate of the diffuse night sky brightness over a wide range of
Discovery of 0.5 MK Gas in the Center of the Virgo Cluster
An observation of M87, the central galaxy of the Virgo Cluster, was performed by the deep survey telescope aboard the Extreme-Ultraviolet Explorer, in the 0.065-0.245 keV energy band. A point source
Diffuse Extreme-Ultraviolet Emission from the Coma Cluster: Evidence for Rapidly Cooling Gases at Submegakelvin Temperatures
The central region of the Coma cluster of galaxies was observed in the energy band from 0.065 to 0.245 kiloelectron volts by the Deep Survey telescope aboard the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer. A
Cosmic X-ray Sources
Eight new sources of cosmic x-rays were detected by two Aerobee surveys in 1964. One source, from Sagittarius, is close to the galactic center, and the other, from Ophiuchus, may coincide with
The cosmic far ultraviolet background
Recent progress in understanding the cosmic far-UV background is reviewed. The correlation between the far-UV background and Galactic parameters is examined, and the dust-scattered Galactic radiation