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Endogenous Preferences: The Cultural Consequences of Markets and other Economic Institutions
Drawing on experimental economics, anthropology, social psychology, sociology, history, the theory of cultural evolution as well as more conventional economic sources, I review models and evidenceExpand
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The Determinants of Earnings: A Behavioral Approach
We survey the determinants of earnings and propose a framework for understanding labor market success. We suggest that the advantages of the children of successful parents go considerably beyond theExpand
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Social Capital and Community Governance
Community governance is the set of small group social interactions that, with market and state, determine economic outcomes. We argue (i) community governance addresses some common market and stateExpand
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The evolution of altruistic punishment
Both laboratory and field data suggest that people punish noncooperators even in one-shot interactions. Although such “altruistic punishment” may explain the high levels of cooperation in humanExpand
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A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution
Why do humans, uniquely among animals, cooperate in large numbers to advance projects for the common good? Contrary to the conventional wisdom in biology and economics, this generous and civic-mindedExpand
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Foundations of Human Sociality - Economic Experiments and Ethnographic: Evidence From Fifteen Small-Scale Societies
What motives underlie the ways humans interact socially? Are these the same for all societies? Are these part of our nature, or influenced by our environments? Over the last decade, research inExpand
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Schooling in Capitalist America
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The Inheritance of Inequality
How level is the intergenerational playing field? What are the causal mechanisms that underlie the intergenerational transmission of economic status? Are these mechanisms amenable to public policiesExpand
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Schooling in capitalist America : educational reform and the contradictions of economic life
The Contradictions Of Liberal Educational Reform Beyond the Educational Frontier: The Great American Dream Freeze Broken Promises: School Reform in Retrospect * Education And The Structure OfExpand
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“Economic man” in cross-cultural perspective: Behavioral experiments in 15 small-scale societies
Researchers from across the social sciences have found consistent deviations from the predictions of the canonical model of self-interest in hundreds of experiments from around the world. ThisExpand
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