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Calculation of the axion mass based on high-temperature lattice quantum chromodynamics
Unlike the electroweak sector of the standard model of particle physics, quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is surprisingly symmetric under time reversal. As there is no obvious reason for QCD being soExpand
Is there still any Tc mystery in lattice QCD? Results with physical masses in the continuum limit III
The present paper concludes our investigations on the QCD cross-over transition temperatures with 2+1 staggered flavours and one-link stout improvement. We extend our previous two studies [Phys.Expand
The QCD equation of state with dynamical quarks
The present paper concludes our investigation on the QCD equation of state with 2 + 1 staggered flavors and one-link stout improvement. We extend our previous study [JHEP01 (2006) 089] by choosingExpand
The QCD transition temperature: results with physical masses in the continuum limit II.
We extend our previous study [Phys. Lett. B 643 (2006) 46] of the cross-over temperatures (Tc) of QCD. We improve our zero temperature analysis by using physical quark masses and finer lattices. InExpand
Morning cortisol as a risk factor for subsequent major depressive disorder in adult women.
BACKGROUND Whether individual differences in cortisol contribute to subsequent major depressive disorder (MDD) is unknown. AIMS To determine whether premorbid levels of salivary cortisol andExpand
High-precision scale setting in lattice QCD
A bstractScale setting is of central importance in lattice QCD. It is required to predict dimensional quantities in physical units. Moreover, it determines the relative lattice spacings ofExpand
Ab initio calculation of the neutron-proton mass difference
Weighing the neutron against the proton Elementary science textbooks often state that protons have the same mass as neutrons. This is not far from the truth—the neutron is about 0.14% heavier (andExpand
SU(2) chiral perturbation theory low-energy constants from 2+1 flavor staggered lattice simulations
We extract the next-to-leading-order low-energy constants \bar\ell_3 and \bar\ell_4 of SU(2) chiral perturbation theory, based on precise lattice data for the pion mass and decay constant onExpand
Precision SU(3) lattice thermodynamics for a large temperature range
A bstractWe present the equation of state (pressure, trace anomaly, energy density and entropy density) of the SU(3) gauge theory from lattice field theory in an unprecedented precision andExpand