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Therapeutic drug monitoring of asparaginase in the ALL‐BFM 2000 protocol between 2000 and 2007
On a voluntary basis therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) was implemented in the ALL‐BFM 2000 protocol for the three currently used asparaginase (ASNase) preparations (first line: native Escherichia
Plasma Concentrations of Posaconazole Administered via Nasogastric Tube in Patients in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Plasma posaconazole levels in surgical intensive care unit (SICU) patients were measured and a predictive population pharmacokinetics model was tried to develop, showing SICU patients showed lower plasma drug concentrations, a higher apparent clearance, and a higher volume of distribution than those in hematology patients.
Population Pharmacokinetics of Native Escherichia Coli Asparaginase
The model was able to describe asparaginase activity of different dosages in the ALL-BFM protocol and provides further evidence for bioequivalence between ASNase medac™ and a new recombinant asparaginease preparation.
Comparative pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic characterisation of a new pegylated recombinant E. colil-asparaginase preparation (MC0609) in Beagle dog
The new pegylated recombinant l-asparaginase preparation MC0609 revealed striking differences in PK/PD properties compared with Oncaspar® in rat and dog.
Population Pharmacokinetic of Native Escherichia Coli Asparaginase.
This PopPK analysis provides the first step in the development of a PopPK model for ASNase and shows face validity of the model could be demonstrated and will be confirmed with an independent dataset.