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Emotion Management in the Workplace
The work explores the management of emotion in organizations and the emotion management skills organizational actors need to possess in order to achieve organizational objectives while alsoExpand
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Trolley Dolly or Skilled Emotion Manager? Moving on from Hochschild's Managed Heart
This article examines emotion in organizations and the emotion management skills organizational actors possess. While Hochschild's (1983) seminal work on emotional labour is perhaps one of theExpand
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The paradoxical processes of feminization in the professions: the case of established, aspiring and semi-professions
The past three decades have been characterized by dramatic labour market developments including the mass entry of women to exclusively male domains. Professional work is particularly indicative ofExpand
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Changing faces: nurses as emotional jugglers
Nursing has long been distinguished as an occupation requiring extensive amounts of ‘emotion work’. Various studies highlight the importance of a nurse’s ability to manage emotion and present theExpand
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Women's Work, Dirty Work: The gynaecology nurse as 'Other'
This article seeks to explore the world of the gynaecology nurse. This world defines the gendered experience of nursing; that is, women in a women's job carrying out 'women's work'. It is also aExpand
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‘Making up’ managers
The incorporation of health professionals into the management of the British National Health Service (NHS) is a distinctive strategy ultimately aimed at involving senior nurses and doctors throughExpand
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Conceptual confusions : emotion work as skilled work
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Dignity in and at work: why it matters
Throughout the history of social science, dignity is a word that is continually used to express concern about various aspects of work. Within these concerns we see a set of implicit understandings ofExpand
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Multiple roles? Nurses as managers in the NHS
Recent government proposals seek to extend the role of nurses into management at a time of (yet another) cultural transformation for the British National Health Service (NHS). This is especially theExpand
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A Simple Matter of Control? NHS Hospital Nurses and New Management
Over the past two decades the National Health Hospital Service has been subjected to considerable changes in is organization. 'New' public sector management (NPM) has been given the task of changingExpand
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