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A guided tour into subcellular colocalization analysis in light microscopy
A novel toolbox for subcellular colocalization analysis under ImageJ is created that integrates current global statistic methods and a novel object‐based approach to assess proteins residing on intracellular structures by fluorescence microscopy. Expand
FM‐dyes as experimental probes for dissecting vesicle trafficking in living plant cells
Background information on the important characteristics of the FM‐dyes, and of optimal dye concentrations, conditions of dye storage, and staining and imaging protocols, are provided and particular emphasis is placed on using the FM-dyes in double labelling experiments to identity specific organelles. Expand
Mobilization of vacuolar iron by AtNRAMP3 and AtNRAMP4 is essential for seed germination on low iron
This work identifies for the first time the vacuole as an essential compartment for Fe storage in seeds and indicates that mobilization of vacuolar Fe stores by AtNRAMP3 and AtNRamp4 is crucial to support Arabidopsis early development until efficient systems for Fe acquisition from the soil take over. Expand
The N-myristoylated Rab-GTPase m-Rabmc is involved in post-Golgi trafficking events to the lytic vacuole in plant cells
We report on the sub-cellular localisation and function of m-Rabmc, a N-myristoylated plant-specific Rab-GTPase previously characterised at the molecular level and also by structural analysis inExpand
Nuclear Localization of Cytoplasmic Poly(A)-Binding Protein upon Rotavirus Infection Involves the Interaction of NSP3 with eIF4G and RoXaN
It is shown here that PABP-C1 evicted from eIF4G by NSP3 accumulates in the nucleus of rotavirus-infected cells and requires the interaction of N SP3 with a specific region in RoXaN, the leucine- and aspartic acid-rich (LD) domain. Expand
Characterization of a small GTP-binding protein of the rab 5 family in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum with increased level of expression during early salt stress
A cDNA encoding a member of the Ypt/Rab family of small GTP-binding proteins was cloned from the facultative CAM plant Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, indicating that the activity may be regulated by monomer/dimer transition. Expand
DiAna, an ImageJ tool for object-based 3D co-localization and distance analysis.
DiAna offers a complete and intuitive 3D image analysis tool for biologists that computes the distribution of distances between objects in 3D and introduces an original method, which allows for estimating the statistical significance of object co-localization. Expand
CYP46A1, the rate-limiting enzyme for cholesterol degradation, is neuroprotective in Huntington’s disease
Restoration of CYP46A1 re-establishes normal cholesterol levels and is neuroprotective, suggesting that targeting cholesterol degradation may have therapeutic potential. Expand
Experimenters' guide to colocalization studies: finding a way through indicators and quantifiers, in practice.
This review provides the reader with a basic description of the available colocalization approaches, proposing a guideline for their use, either alone or in combination. Expand
Antagonistic interaction between MAP kinase and protein phosphatase 2C in stress recovery
It is shown that Arabidopsis mitogen-activated kinase MPK6 is a potential target of abscisic acid-insensitive 1 (ABI1), a protein phosphatase 2C that acts as a key element in attenuating absc isic acid (ABA)-dependent stress signaling. Expand