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Four channels mediate the mechanical aspects of touch.
Although previous physiological and anatomical experiments have identified four afferent fiber types (PC, RA, SA II, and SA I) in glabrous (nonhairy) skin of the human somatosensory periphery, onlyExpand
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A four-channel analysis of the tactile sensitivity of the fingertip: frequency selectivity, spatial summation, and temporal summation
Thresholds were measured for the detection of vibratory stimuli of variable frequency and duration applied to the index fingertip and thenar eminence through contactors of different sizes. TheExpand
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Adaptations in human neuromuscular function following prolonged unweighting: II. Neurological properties and motor imagery efficacy.
Strength loss following disuse may result from alterations in muscle and/or neurological properties. In this paper, we report our findings on human plantar flexor neurological properties following 4Expand
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Heat-induced pain diminishes vibrotactile perception: a touch gate.
The gate control theory of pain (Melzack and Wall, 1965) suggests that tactile stimuli can decrease the perception of pain. We have found the reverse effect: Heat at levels that induce pain canExpand
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Vibrotactile intensity discrimination measured by three methods.
The difference threshold for the detection of changes in vibration amplitude was measured as a function of the intensity and frequency of stimuli delivered through a 2.9-cm2 contactor to the thenarExpand
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Vibrotactile frequency for encoding a speech parameter.
Frequency of vibration has not been widely used as a parameter for encoding speech-derived information on the skin. Where it has been used, the frequencies employed have not necessarily beenExpand
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Hairy skin: psychophysical channels and their physiological substrates.
Experiments were conducted in which threshold-frequency characteristics were measured on the hairy skin of the forearm of human observers. Thresholds were measured with two stimulus probe areas (2.9Expand
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Some characteristics of tactile channels
The four information-processing channels of glabrous skin have distinct tuning characteristics which appear to be determined in the periphery at the level of sensory receptors and their afferentExpand
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The Psychophysics of Tactile Perception and its Peripheral Physiological Basis
Publisher Summary This chapter examines the fundamental aspects of tactile psychophysics. The chapter also reviews the role of mechanoreceptive afferent neurons in mediating the psychophysicalExpand
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The effects of skin temperature on the psychophysical responses to vibration on glabrous and hairy skin.
Psychophysical detection thresholds for vibration were measured at the thenar eminence and volar forearm using a 0.008-cm2 (1.0-mm-diam) contactor. Measurements were made at 14 sinusoidal frequenciesExpand
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