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Ivan Vasil'evich Receives a Profession: Studies of Ivan the Terrible in Post-Soviet Russia
Through careful analysis of previously understudied sources on topics such as royal titles, diplomatic ritual, bureaucratic formalities, and religious rhetoric, contemporary Russian historians ofExpand
Bronze Tsars: Ivan the Terrible and Fedor Ivanovich in the Decor of Early Modern Guns
This paper offers a cultural interpretation of two images of Muscovite royalty: the 'portrait' of Ivan the Terrible on a gun by Karsten Middeldorp ( 1559 ) and the image of Fedor Ivanovich on theExpand
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Micro-Periodization and Dynasticism: Was There a Divide in the Reign of Ivan the Terrible?
In this article, Sergei Bogatyrev offers new insight into the problem of continuity and change during the reign of Ivan IV the Terrible by focusing on the micro-periodization of dynastic history. InExpand
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