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Memantine in moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's disease.
Estimated prevalence of compulsive buying in Germany and its association with sociodemographic characteristics and depressive symptoms
The point prevalence of compulsive buying in the weighted representative sample (N=2,350) was estimated to be 6.9%, somewhat higher than the percentage in the American sample assessed in 2004 (5.8%). Expand
Flupirtine shows functional NMDA receptor antagonism by enhancing Mg2+ block via activation of voltage independent potassium channels
A global model was developed in which flupirtine stabilizes the resting membrane potential by activating inwardly rectifying K+ channels, thus indirectly inhibiting the activation of NMDA receptors. Expand
BDNF and GDNF serum levels in alcohol-dependent patients during withdrawal
It is found that GDNF serum levels are significantly reduced in alcohol-dependent patients and BDNF serum Levels were found to be associated with withdrawal severity and negatively associated with alcohol tolerance. Expand
Alpha-synuclein protein levels are increased in alcoholic patients and are linked to craving.
This study provides further evidence of altered alpha-synuclein levels in patients with alcoholism and their linkage to alcohol craving and delivers further pathophysiological explanations of craving mechanisms. Expand
Is parenting style a predictor of suicide attempts in a representative sample of adolescents?
The role of parenting behavior and parenting styles in adolescents’ suicide attempts is clarified and children of Authoritative parents profit, children of Rejecting-Neglecting parents are put at risk – as the study was able to show for suicide attempts in adolescence. Expand
DNA hypermethylation of the alpha synuclein promoter in patients with alcoholism
A significant increase of the alpha synuclein promoter DNA methylation in patients with alcoholism which was significantly associated with their elevated homocysteine levels and may explain the reduced value of craving under alcohol drinking conditions. Expand
Ghrelin levels are increased in alcoholism.
Gh Relin levels are elevated in alcoholism and seem to further increase during alcohol withdrawal, however, ghrelin levels do not seem to be associated with alcohol craving. Expand
Promoter specific methylation of the dopamine transporter gene is altered in alcohol dependence and associated with craving.
Findings of the present study show that the epigenetic regulation of the DAT-promoter is altered in patients undergoing alcohol withdrawal and hypermethylation of theDAT- Promoter may play an important role in dopaminergic neurotransmission and is associated with decreased alcohol craving. Expand
Quantification of fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) and ethyl glucuronide (EtG) in meconium from newborns for detection of alcohol abuse in a maternal health evaluation study
It is concluded that the combined use of FAEE and EtG in meconium as markers for fetal alcohol exposure essentially increases the accuracy of the interpretation and helps to avoid false positive and false-negative results. Expand