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Uncertainty in the calibration of effective roughness parameters in HEC-RAS using inundation and downstream level observations
An uncertainty analysis of the unsteady flow component (UNET) of the one-dimensional model HEC-RAS within the generalised likelihood uncertainty estimation (GLUE) is presented. For this, the modelExpand
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A limits of acceptability approach to model evaluation and uncertainty estimation in flood frequency estimation by continuous simulation: Skalka catchment, Czech Republic
In this study continuous simulation flood frequency predictions on the Skalka catchment in the Czech Republic (672 km 2, range of altitudes from 460 to 1041 m above sea level), are compared againstExpand
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Flood frequency estimation by continuous simulation for a gauged upland catchment (with uncertainty)
This paper explores the possibility of deriving frequency distributions of extreme discharges by continuous simulation. The rainfall-runoff model TOPMODEL is applied within the Generalised LikelihoodExpand
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Spatially distributed observations in constraining inundation modelling uncertainties
The performance of two modelling approaches for predicting floodplain inundation is tested using observed flood extent and 26 distributed floodplain level observations for the 1997 flood event in theExpand
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Flood frequency estimation by continuous simulation of subcatchment rainfalls and discharges with the aim of improving dam safety assessment in a large basin in the Czech Republic
This paper applies a continuous simulation approach to the estimation of flood frequency for a dam site in a large catchment (1186 km2) in the Czech Republic. The models used allow for the simulationExpand
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Self-reported compliance with osteoporosis medication-qualitative aspects and correlates.
OBJECTIVES The analysis aims to assess (1) compliance with anti-osteoporosis pharmacotherapy and (2) the prevalence of calcium and vitamin D co-medication among Czech women in common clinicalExpand
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On constraining TOPMODEL hydrograph simulations using partial saturated area information.
This study uses field observations of the extent of saturated area over limited areas of the small Uhlirska catchment (1·87 km2) in the Czech Republic in calibrating the parameters of a version ofExpand
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Uncertainty in flood estimation
The objective of this contribution is to form a clear picture of uncertainties we encounter in flood estimation, including both real-time flood forecasting and simulation for flood risk estimation.Expand
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Flood Frequency Estimation By Continuous Simulation For A Catchment Treated As Ungauged
A general methodology for flood frequency estimation based on continuous simulation is here applied to a gauged site in the Czech Republic treated as if it was ungauged. In this implementation,Expand
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Discharge dependent pollutant dispersion in rivers : estimation of aggregated dead zone parameters with surrogate data.
Much has been done to mitigate the effects of intermittent discharges of pollutants; however, pollution incidents still occur, and the downstream transport and dispersion of pollutants must beExpand
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